Before Fire

Before Fire

London-based rock n’ roll band Before Fire have released their first release since their well received debut EP Before Fire EP last August. They’re releasing a single called “Gritty”, an optimistic and energetic rock song!

Before Fire are on a quest to help bring rock back, and deliver their take on the art form that is rock ‘n’ roll.

Their self titled debut EP is the beginning of just that, and with this record they’ve created a fresh take on modern rock. The sound is firmly planted in the 1970’s with a twist of the great rock music we experienced in the 2000’s. Ranging wide from the high tempo, no-bullshit “Are You Listening?” to the soulful and bluesy “Who’s To Blame”, Before Fire are showcasing their skills and diversity. The band has chosen a DIY-approach to the EP, recording a lot of the music themselves and with great inspiration from the hiphop scene, and in spirit of the modern fast paced music business, they’ve decided to release several of the tracks beforehand, as singles. With this release, and the philosophy behind it, Before Fire proves that they’re a modern rock ‘n’ roll band with the abilities and willpower, to stay around for the long haul.

To show that music isn’t just fun and games for these guys, and to improve the chances of success, they are leaving the safe nest of Copenhagen and are relocating permanently to London at the end of August 2019. So – if you’re interested in hearing more from the rising band Before Fire, be sure to catch them on one of London’s many venues very soon.

Before Fire is the product of a decade long friendship between drummer Tobias and guitarist Konrad who in 2016 decided to join forces and form an honest, old school rock n’ roll band as missing from the scene in the 21st century.

Following a string of successful concerts after the release of their EP, Before Fire decided to part ways with their lead singer Oscar in the start of 2018. The remaining members of Before Fire instantly began the search for a new frontman and with the help of a rocking video showing off the bands potential posted onto their social media, they quickly received a lot of entries. One entry really caught their ears and when they received a soulful, stripped down version of The White Stripes rock anthem “Seven Nations Army”, they knew they had found their match in Mathias.

The band immediately went to the rehearsal studio and when they began writing new material for their upcoming releases they all felt that the first track they wrote, “There She Goes”, was a perfect encapsulation of the new Before Fire. It still had the core element that has been a part of the bands sound since day one, but with Mathias heartfelt performing and interplay with the wailing guitars, it comes off with a dimension to it, the earlier songs just didn’t possess.

They went straight to the studio to track “There She Goes” and came out with the perfect single to showcase the new Before Fire. The song was released on October 5th with a music video that reflects the undeniable energy and raw attitude of Before Fire. All of this, the new frontman, the amazing new single and the ass kicking video all collided at a SOLD OUT release party at Metronomen in Copenhagen – truly a night to remember.

A great foundation for the future was formed with the release of “There She Goes” and with Mathias in front there has been no stopping Before Fire. 2019 has so far offered support jobs for international acts such as Death Valley Girls (US) and Band of Rascals (CAN), the launch of a new line of merch and the release of the first two singles in a series of many to come this year. On June 21st the 3rd single of the year will drop along with a music video 100% made by the band themselves.

Before Fire – Gritty

Before Fire – EP promo

Before Fire – Who’s To Blame

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