Before Fire – Before Fire EP

Before Fire – Before Fire EP

  1. Risk It
  2. Dead Eyes
  3. Look My Way
  4. Who’s to Blame
  5. Are You Listening

Before Fire are on a quest to help bring rock back, and deliver their take on the art form that is rock ‘n’ roll. This is the mantra that defines this excellent young band from Copenhagen. Their debut EP perfectly showcases this.

Building on the blocks of serious 70’s rock with a much more modern twist, Before Fire have created a record that will please fans of high-tempo, no-bullshit metal and delight the ears of the more soulful and bluesier listener. The band have ‘kept it real’ by choosing a DIY approach to the EP by recording a lot of the music themselves and releasing several tracks as singles, before the EP’s release.

The EP begins with the awesome ‘Risk It’. Frantic guitars and an epic echo effect on the vocals ensures that this stunning opener holds you in its grasp, demanding that you listen to more. ‘Dead Eyes’ has a brilliant bass groove that pilots you along in quite a seductive way and an amazing Ocean Colour Scene like riff. ‘Dead Eyes’ is the ‘cool’ number on the EP and the holder of the best guitar solo on the record. If it’s riffs you’re after, then check out ‘Look My Way’. Mathias’s vocals plead to the listener as the most phenomenal heavy riff is being laid down around you…Superb. The mood takes a step down next with the bluesy ‘Who’s To Blame’. What a track this is. The range of Before Fire’s writing is highlighted here in this extraordinary number. The emotion shown and the skillful ability to play it down and not spoil it by letting rip is wonderful. The total structure of the track is faultless. Final track ‘Are You Listening’ has a real gallop to it. We are rocked along in this 3 minutes of pure rock n roll. ‘Are You Listening’ is a good choice to close the EP with, in fact it would be a great set closer too.

Before Fire have now relocated to London in a bid to get more exposure. With this EP I am certain that they will very soon gather quite a few new fans. I can highly recommend the EP as a well written, well played example of a band that really do care about the music.

Before Fire – Before Fire EP is out on August 23rd 2019, this is one EP that you simply must check out.


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