Paulo Barros’ new Rock album ‘More Humanity Please’ was recorded at Rec N Roll Studio in Portugal and was mixed and mastered by Harry Hess (Muse, Simple plan, Harem scarem, etc.) in Canada. The new album is made of 10 songs with the distribution worldwide. Physical and digital, assured by the record label ROCKSHOTS. The artwork will be in charge of the Brazilian artist Gustavo Sazes (Gus G, Jeff Scott Soto, Kamelot, etc.) There is a great synergy between Paulo’s guitars and Ray van D’s vocals who was also responsible for writing all the words. 

The album consists of very melodic and simple structures with an “all about the song” approach.

Ray Van D’s lyrics explore themes as diverse as “Love as a driving force that goes beyond” and “Come what may feel”, to a critical take on the formatting of art and music produced by corporations, “fast food music”; as well as an invitation on the reflection on the ephemerality of life, the lack of humanity in the world today and the banality of violence in social media along with our dependence on technology and a dose of humor that is Murphy’s law: “Where if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst way at the worst time and in such a way as to cause the greatest possible harm”.

“More Humanity Please…”Track Listing:
01. My Everything

02. Disconnect
03. Kingdom For A Day
04. Take Me As I Am
05. Tearing Us Apart
06. When It rains It pours
07. Live Before We Die
08. A Love That Shines
09. More Humanity Please
10. How Does It Feel


Paulo Barros was born in 1963 at Valadares, Portugal where he still lives.He had his first acoustic guitar at the age of 13 although his musical initiation goes back when he was learning how to play xylophone.Along with his brother (Luis Barros) he started in 1982 Tarantula, after a few gigs, some of them in Germany and 2 demos the band recorded their debut in 1987 which was the first heavy metal record produced and published in Portugal by a national outfit.Back at those hungry years Paulo Barros had to earn his living by working in restaurants, offices and construction he also had played several years in popular party combos.  As Tarantula fan base and recognition was growing Paulo Barros manage to quit all the other occupations and settled as a full time musician, composer, producer and guitar teacher.In the early nineties Paulo Barros as a sponsored artist preformed several guitar clinics some of them with Steve Vai, Jennifer Batten, Billy Sheehan, Michael Angelo and jammed with artist from Bill Bruford’s and Paco de Lucia’s touring line up.It was also during this decade that Paulo Barros along with his brother founded the Rec ‘N’ Roll Studio and Rec ‘N’ Roll School where hundreds of new talented Portuguese artists learned and recorded their demos and albums.In 1998 “Vintage” Paulo Barros debut was released; a guitar celebration where intelligent guitar melodies are built to dialogue with his guests that come from top selling Portuguese pop acts to well-known and respect jazz artists.Published in 2003 Paulo Barros “Gemini” is a hard rock / AOR album where homage is made to all the artists from the seventies and eighties that contributed to Paulo Barros musical character. Paulo Barros K:ARMA 6 recorded in 2007 at Rec ‘N’ Studio stands also has a tribute but this time, to all the great guitarists who’s work, as a landmark, have influenced Paulo Barros guitar playing. Paulo Barros was acclaimed by Burnn! Magazine, along with Dough Aldrich (Whitesnake) the best exotic guitar player, and played the first part of the concerts of SLASH and JOE SATRIANI when they come to Portugal.


Paulo Barros-Guitar |Ray Van D-Vocals |Pico Moreira-Drums | Vera Sà-Bass

BARROS – My Everything

BARROS – My Kingdom For A Day

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