Barbara Black – Love, Death & Flies

Barbara Black – Love, Death & Flies

BARBARA BLACK  – “Love, Death & Flies” – (10 March 2020, Rock Estatal Records)

  1. Damnified
  2. Tiger Tamer
  3. No Bullets
  4. Desert’s Last Drop
  5. Kissed by Flames
  6. Heroes Above the Stars
  7. Twister Girl
  8. Don’t Play with Fire
  9. Vampire Love, Chapter I: You Belong to Me
  10. Vampire Love, Chapter II: Queen of Flies


BARBARA BLACK from Spain released “Love, Death & Flies” from the also Spanish label Rock Estatal Records. The band is well known in their homeland Spain and some people claim they are on the top of the Spanish Rock scene! It is high time they move further!

The core attraction of the band is of course their singer. Except from being a beautiful rocking lady, Barbara has a strong and dynamic personality and a huge voice talent.

The band itself is consisted of excellent musicians. They are tight together, they produce nice hooks and grooves and they keep rocking the hard way all the time simply moving things from time to time to heavy metal standards.

Barbara’s vocal abilities are beyond great. She can slide with ease between so many different styles. She can move from rock to blues/southern rock and then to hard rock and heavy metal and then to opera. Her dynamics are strong but she is also very expressive and emotional. She uses many techniques during the songs and her vocal range is very wide.

“Tiger Tamer” is the album’s single. It is for sure one of the most tasty tracks in the album. It rocks nicely over a great rhythm section. There are certain parts in the song that are distinctive for the band and give them an own music personality. “Damnified” and “No Bullets” are other standout tracks from this very nice hard rock/heavy metal release. The operatic and southern rock parts give nice twists to the album making the whole package even more enjoyable.

Everything is wrapped up in a rather complimentary production which underlines the quality of the band and the vocalist and it makes me think that Barbara Black is ready to hit bigger scenes and numbers. “Love, Death & Flies” is a very very nice work and sure no waste of your precious time. An enjoyable album and a really very promising band! Bite it!

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