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Baleful Creed are a four piece band from Belfast ready to pour out their Heavy Rock/Stoner Rock/Heavy Grunge influenced tunes in a passionate live performance. Featuring a dual guitar team that lay down head-nodding chunky riffs that touch on the sounds of Black Sabbath, Danzig & Fireball Ministry topped off with whiskey soaked, soulful vocals that are fuelled by a powerful bass and drum rhythm section.

The debut EP – ‘Killing Time’ was released in 2010. The sonically improved 2nd EP – ‘Buried Beneath’ recorded at Manor Park Studios by Neal Calderwood arrived in late 2011. Delivering songs in 5 track EP’s was proving successful for the band. So it was natural for Baleful Creed to return again to Manor Park in late 2012 to record the simply titled ‘III’ EP. All three EP’s at this point were released on the band’s Bandcamp digital online store.

With increasing interest from fans at gigs asking for a hard copy CD of the songs, the band took the decision to merge the last two Manor Park EP’s, remix and remaster them into a debut album for final release on CD. The self-titled debut album was delivered making a stand that this is Baleful Creed! Throwing in other influences from Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Kyuss – Baleful Creed are intent on hitting audiences with a huge sounding Classic/Stoner Rock assault. The CD album was released on 29th December 2013.

The tail end of the 2014 year saw both Davy Greer (bass) and Dave Jeffers (drums) revamp the engine room of the band. Recording commenced on the follow up to the debut album in through 2016, with the final release of ‘Seismic Shifter’ on 6th June 2017. Naturally the band returned to Manor Park Studios to capture their huge sound.

Baleful Creed – God’s Fear

Baleful Creed – Devil’s Side

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