Baby Schillaci – Radical

Baby Schillaci – Radical

Describing themselves as “Four Undesirables, One Mission! SAVAGE NOISE!”, Baby Schillaci hit the South Wales music scene at the tail end of 2022.

The band consists of Richie Lewis (g/v), Thomas Richards (g/v), Tom Williams (d) and Andrew Evans (b), four musicians who have achieved quite a reputation via various bands over the last few years. Teasing us with cryptic videos and a debut performance at The Garage Swansea, as part of The Swansea Fringe Festival 2022. The anticipation for their first release could not be any higher.

That first release comes in the form of ‘RADICAL’. Hitting the clock at just over 3 minutes, ‘RADICAL’ will not disappoint. Accompanied by a stunning, often shocking video showing images of war, oppression, hate and much more. ‘RADICAL’ reveals that Baby Schillaci are angry, angry at the Government, angry at war, angry at the establishment and the entitled and angry at those that do nothing to change things, accepting the crap they have been given. Richie screams “Now it’s time to rebel, Scratch that itch” in an act of hopefulness and defiance.

As a debut single, ‘RADICAL’ is a superb choice. It has stunning guitar licks and solos, a driving bassline and some outstanding drumming. The lyrics are clever, catchy and meaningful. It is a track that will impress you and have you seeking out more from this band. 

‘RADICAL’ is a bold statement of a track, relaying what so many of us are feeling at this time. It is an anthem against the norm, demand that change. 

‘RADICAL is released on 24th Feb 2023

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