Autumns Calling

Autumns Calling

Autumns calling

two musicians on opposite sides of the pond complemented each others music 1 day. After that Autumns Calling became alive as well as a friendship..We are dedicated to breaking barriers..AJ Bova 3 – Lead guitarist ,Lyricist, Vocals…Lee Williams “basic” Rhythm Guitars /instrumentals and mastering…its a 50/50 spit…without 1 another, Autumns Calling wouldn’t exist…This Duo is dedicated to Exposing truth thats is dying to break out..We don’t hold back. To do so would be the death of what the foundation of Autumns Calling represents..We hope you enjoy the music and the message…Much love to those who have been listening since we started this on March of 2015, and those who become fans – AJ & Lee _Peace

Autumns Calling – Paperclip

Autumns Calling – Hierarchy

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Band location – Stockton, CA /Bristol Uk

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