Austin Mulka

Austin Mulka
Happy Ending
SODEH Records

Detroit Alt/Rock artist Austin Mulka carries you on a journey from apprehension to hope, exploring the concept of manifesting one’s own ‘Happy Ending.’ with SODEH Records

Austin Mulka drops his new single, “Happy Ending,” a powerful fusion of styles drawing inspiration from Foo Fighters and Nirvana. The track promises a captivating blend of musical artistry and meaningful lyricism.

Austin channels his influences from classic grunge and rock into a distinctive sound that both nods to the past and pushes towards the future. His deeply emotive music resonates with audiences, exploring introspective themes through powerful instrumentation and poignant lyrics. With a dedication to his craft and a profound respect for the art of songwriting, Austin Mulka is a voice not to be missed in the modern rock scene.

“Happy Ending” represents an evocative mix of ’90s grunge and contemporary rock that Austin Mulka adeptly delivers. Fans of Foo Fighters and Nirvana will appreciate the familiar echoes of those bands’ characteristic sound, while also discovering something new and original. The single is a precursor to Austin’s forthcoming album, “Reveries and Requiem,” a project deeply inspired by the post-grunge and post-Nirvana era.

Austin has been working tirelessly on “Happy Ending” and the rest of the album alongside producer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Dalbis, whose contributions have been integral to the project. Phillip Campbell, musician of the Portingales, and Peter Mulka have also been involved with the project.

In the spirit of his musical inspirations, Austin touches on introspective themes in “Happy Ending.” The lyrics delve into the human mind’s internal struggles and aspirations, carried by a dynamic melodic structure. The song narrates a journey from apprehension to hope, exploring the concept of manifesting one’s own ‘happy ending.’

Austin has also confirmed that there will be a music video released alongside the single, further amplifying the song’s narrative

Austin Mulka – Happy Ending

Austin Mulka – 6-MAM

Austin Mulka – Peace

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