London-based electronic collective Auld presents their new album ‘Mainstream Music’.
Comprised of 10 tracks, this long-play is loaded with easy yet brooding, alternative, electronic pop with guitars interwoven. While ‘Mainstream Music’ was recorded over the summer of 2018, some of the songs date back as early as 2012.

This album follows the releases of singles ‘Need Her Still’ and ‘Alilless’. Earlier, in April 2018, Auld released their ‘Curriculum Vitae’ EP.

Based in Kilburn, London, Auld was started by Thomas Pitts as a solo project. They currently perform as a 6-piece, with Pitts joined by Alan Giles, Brian Wortman, Rachel Hearne, Glen Giles and James Milner.

“The overriding theme of this album is coming to terms with the person you are and realising you are not quite the person you thought you were gonna grow up to be. Reflecting on that and trying to work out how to change,” says Thomas Pitts.

“Mainstream Music is a celebration of all those people trying their best, but not being the best. The ones that have a lot to improve upon, but are aware of it. It is a celebration of sadness, friends and family”.

Genre fluid, Auld frames a story through the lens of indie pop, sometimes rock, and sometimes electro. They like a good cry and they like a good dance and they want you to join them.

Thomas Pitts’ fascination with music began with an obsession over the Spice Girls when he was 9. He wrote lyrics to their tunes and also songs from the Lion King. Fast forward to the appearance of The Strokes, influencing Pitts to form a young band emulating that sound.

Pitts denotes the following as musical influences: Grimes, Kate Bush, R.E.M., Tom Waits, The National, The Pixies, Pavement, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Interpol, Earl Sweatshirt and The Flaming Lips. “Something that also really interested me here was working with the structure of a song.”

The ‘Mainstream Music’ LP can be found everywhere digitally across online stores like iTunes and streaming platforms such as Spotify. It is also available via Bandcamp at

Lyrics and music written by Thomas Pitts
Recorded at Auld Studio in Kilburn, vocals at Mill Hill & drums at the Gun Factory in Homerton, East London
Recorded by Thomas Pitts and Thiago Jorge
Mixed and mastered by Thiago Jorge
Thom Pitts – Vocals, guitars, synths
Rachel Hearne – Vocals
Alan Giles – vocals, bass
Brian Wortman – Lead guitar
Glen Giles – Drums and Percussion
James Milner – Piano
John Dillon – Album cover art
Carmen Reig – ‘Need Her Still’ cover art
Artist photos by Libby Burke Wilde

1. Need Her Still
2. Am I Gorgeous?
3. Alilless
4. Trendy, Trendy
5. The Lady Killa
6. I Am
7. The Careful Ones
8. Negative Nelly
9. Nephews
10. Oh The Sea

Auld – Trendy Trendy

Auld – Alilless

Auld – Need Her Still

Auld – The Dogs Of Instagram

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