Attic Theory – The Sign Of An Active Mind

  1. Marionette
  2. Cold Hard Reality
  3. Your Light 
  4. Doesn’t Matter
  5. My Own Design
  6. Saints Amongst Us


‘THE SIGN OF AN ACTIVE MIND’ is the debut EP from Liverpudlian Alternative Groove Rockers Attic Theory.

Attic Theory are:
Lewis Wright – Vocals.
Peter Donnelly – Guitar.
Tim Cunningham – Guitar and backing vocals.
Matt Lawler – Guitar.
Kenny McArthur – Bass.
Matt Simon – Drums and Percussion.

Produced by Loïc Gaillard.
Recorded at the Motor Museum recording studio.

EP release date:27 November 2020

After the success of their UK/European tour with American rockers TANTRIC, and support shows opening for bands such as CANDLEBOX and TERRORVISION, Attic Theory won PLANET ROCK’S ‘The Rocks 2020’ BEST NEW BAND earlier this year. Tons of airplay time followed, plans were made and then, like a kick in the guts… the world got hit with Covid 19 pandemic.

Not wanting to let go of the already gathered momentum, the band performed at live-streamed online festivals such as NWOCR: Webfest, Emerging bands: Going Solo Down In Isolation, Liverpool Digital Music Festival and Waterloo Virtual Festival. They also hit the studio to record new singles for an ever increasing fanbase.

So now we come the the band’s debut EP ‘THE SIGN OF AN ACTIVE MIND’. To say I was excited to check this out was an understatement. Boy was I looking forward to this…

The EP kicks off with the storming ‘Marionette’. What a head shaking opener this is. Excellent vocal effects caress Lewis Wright’s voice as the band thunder through what can only be described as an epic opening number. I love the production on this track especially the deepness given to Matt Simon’s drums. ‘Cold Hard Reality’ has a lot of power throughout the verses and a killer guitar solo, in fact guitarists Peter Connelly, Matt Lawler and Tim Cunningham shine on this rocker.

‘Your Light’ is next, now this is my personal favourite. I remember thinking the first time I heard this that it could easily challenge Disturbed and their version of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ for a song that even non rock fans would love. A song to accelerate the band to new heights. The emotion in Lewis Wright’s voice here is simply epic. Band frontman Lewis Wright says of the track: “After winning the (PLANET ROCK) award and being quarantined, we wanted to lead with something to let the world know, we haven’t gone anywhere and we are still very much here. ‘YOUR LIGHT’ was the obvious choice as it’s a compelling track and I have a deep connection with the subject matter”. And you can hear that in his performance.

‘Doesn’t Matter’ with its hard rocking guitar intro hits you in the face with its awesone power. This straight forward rock tune has echoes of Maiden and Priest running through its veins. Steady bass work from Kenny McArthur helps drive this one along at a frantic pace. Next up we have ‘My Own Design’. This number has had loads of airplay over the last few months and has been praised as a “Brilliant bit of work“ by DEF LEPPARD’S frontman JOE ELLIOTT. Well I can only agree with Joe there. ‘My Own Design’ seems to be delivered via a ‘wall of sound’ that will totally blow your mind. There is this energy that is sustained around the track that gives it this air of grandeur. From the magnificence of the charging intro to the thrusting chorus, you know that this is something special.

EP closer ‘Saints Amongst Us’ will leave you in no doubt that Attic Theory are going to be huge. What a riff… ‘Saints Amongst Us’ is a classic delve into the world of hope and desperation. A swaggering rock track that is sure to become a live favourite. It has everything from chanting vocals, thundering drums and glorious anthemnic guitars to lyrics that offer hope and salvation. I applaud any band that has the courage to end an EP with the words “we are your only hope” Trouble is, this just might be the case

‘THE SIGN OF AN ACTIVE MIND’ EP contains 6 tracks, That is 6 tracks that could easily be successful singles in their own right. Each track is well written, excellently played and produced to perfection. They contain melodies that will stay in your head and leave you smiling in appreciation. This EP is highly recommended. I can imagine the arguments I will be having with my mates about which song is the best. The EP is that good. 

Pete Devine Nov 2020

Attic Theory’s debut EP ‘The Sign Of An Active Mind’ will release on Friday 27th November via ThunderGun Records, and is available to pre-order and pre-save now via this link

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