Atom Driver – In The West

Atom Driver – In The West

  1. Mamoushka
  2. Wournos
  3. All This and More
  4. Toetapper’s Revenge
  5. Play Dead

New releases are always a pleasure to digest and review and New Brunswick 3 piece,  Atom Driver’s EP In the West is no exception.

Atom Driver are considered to be a ‘supergroup’ and rightly so. Combining current and former members of..Boss Jim Gettys, Buzzkill, Good clean fun and Third of Never, Atom Driver are a force to be reckoned with.

Kicking off with the energetic ‘Mamoushka’ Atom Driver waste no time in playing it hard and heavy. The rhythm section of Mike Polilli (percussion) and Justin Ingstrup (bass) storm this opener with a ferocity that is second to none. ‘Wournos’ quickly follows and the pace remains frantic as the band take us on another 3 minute rock excursion.  Next up is ‘All This And More’  vocalist/guitarist Mark Segal  provides some stunning vocals and the rhythm section again shines at a thunderous pace.

Toetapper’s Revenge is the stand out track on the EP. Similar in vein to Queens of the Stone Age, this song ticks so many boxes in what is great about the music coming from these New Jersey heroes. It also includes an awesome Mark Segal solo and yet again the trio combine to create something rather special. The EP ends with the very tight ‘Play Dead’. Solid and steady bass work from Justin Ingstrup drives this brilliant number throughout.

In the West comprises of 5 tracks that confirm what people are saying about this excellent band. Atom Driver have delivered a fantastic EP that will heavily improve their reputation. This band is hugely recommended. I urge you to follow the links and check them out. 

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