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atma weapon

Hailing from North Carolina, Atma Weapon is ready to take over with riffs, riffs, and riffs to spare. Atma Weapon is a breath of fresh air in a time of overproduced metal. They champion their own brand of progressive music that blends classic with modern styles and focuses on live songwriting rather than programmed mathematics.

With musical influences ranging from Metallica and Opeth to Pat Metheny and Pocupine Tree, the band is sure to engage the listener with tracks ranging from extended concept pieces to more focused tracks backing Mick Armstrong’s brilliant vocals and thought invoking lyrical themes.

After the successful 2013 release of their debut album “Dark Tower”, Atma Weapon was dead-set on providing a follow-up album that would showcase their ability to advance their sound while still providing the hard-hitting and complex songwriting from the debut to show they were a true force in the Progressive Rock/Metal genre.

In late 2015 they released “The Fields Where Nothing Grows” which gives listeners a diverse experience in how well organically written and recorded Modern Progressive Metal can sound without relying on programmed drums, auto-tuned vocals or quantized backing tracks. Once again partnering with legendary Metal Producer/Engineer Jamie King, Atma Weapon’s new album is sure to strike a chord with Metal Fans who appreciate music played with more than one string.

Atma Weapon – Autumn Leaves

Atma Weapon – Dark Dreamer


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