Astral Sleep

(Doom Metal)


The digital manifestation of 4th full-lenght album by Astral Sleep has been released in its entirety on 11.08.2023!

The album is called “We are Already Living in the End of Times” and the sound and atmosphere on this beast is exactly as the title suggests. It is an album full of oppressive soundscape but contrasted and joined together with beautiful and lush instrumentations and vocal harmonies, giving hopeful acceptance to the impending doom.

Earlier this year, the album was released as Vinyl and CD, and within the physical release lies a mystery to be solved. A mystery which will grant the solver the solutions on how not to destroy ourselves and even if we do, how to rid oneself from the fear of death.

“Status of the soul” is the final revealed song from the album. It is one of the most important ones and a clear indication of where Astral Sleep is musically as a band in 2023. It can be described as a Black metal-esque Doom metal song, without having much characteristics of either of those styles, being something completely on its own. Lyrically it is an ode to music, playing, listening and experiencing it and celebration of the FACT that music can connect human beings to their souls.

This somber track starts off simple and forward-going, through the first ever guitar solo performed by the vocalist Markus, into one of the most aggressive parts on the whole album and ending in a simple choir and guitar melody before falling apart.

The album is available digitally, and on vinyl and CD, and can be purchased from Bandcamp, or Saarni Records webstore:

Link to the final song premiere in Youtube:

Astral Sleep – Time Is

Astral Sleep – The Legacies

Astral Sleep – Invisible Flesh

Astral Sleep – Torment in Existence

Astral Sleep – We Are Already Living In The End Of Times

Astral Sleep – Astral Doom Musick

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