Ascend The Hollow

Ascend The Hollow

ASCEND THE HOLLOW rage in the new music video to the Cyber Tech Metal single “Polaris Calling” between the spectra of the bipolar disorder

Today, the Female Fronted Progressive Cyber Tech Metal band ASCEND THE HOLLOW releases “Polaris Calling”, the fifth single along with a music video taken from their album “Echoes Of Existence” which has been released via Dr. Music Records last year. The song combines a biblical and cosmic depiction of both sides of the spectrum of bipolar disorder (mania and depression). Mania is represented in the music video by a seraph, a celestial or heavenly being, present in both Jewish and Christian theologies. This state usually presents itself with an abnormally elevated arousal, high energy levels, heightened mood and euphoria. In the track, these are represented as some of the attributes of seraphim, more precisely in the form of fire, light and excess heat. Polaris, the North Star, on the other hand, symbolizes depression. Being the brightest star, the seraph is eternally drawn to it. With evil creatures of the night such as sirens and demons showing up as psychosis, the band plays in the lyrics with several symbols of light and darkness, to show the struggle to deal with the two extremes in everyday life. Very Metal Art video artist Andy Pilkington (Skindred, Tomorrow’s Eve, Rotting Christ) has impressively succeeded in combining this symbolism with ASCEND THE HOLLOW’s powerful, aggressive yet melodically haunting and innovative sound to create a perfect hybrid of music and lyric video. The music video for “Polaris Calling” and its dark, morbid scenery entices into the maelstrom of human abysses:

ASCEND THE HOLLOW, consisting of M-NOISE (vox, lyrics), RAVEN (guitars, programming), GEF (guitars, programming), DAVEC (bass) and STVN (drums), take the listener into their breathtaking Cyber Metal world with ten brutal and intense songs of their debut “Echoes Of Existence”. At the beginning of 2019 ASCEND THE HOLLOW emerged from the ashes of the band Xerosun into the new metamorphosis. They have been fearless and fierce, rose strongly from the ashes, were reborn and took responsibility for their self-reinvention. They are the power that lies dormant in every one of us. They do not give up and do not accept failure. They have the power to ascend the hollow and reach towards the sun. Here ASCEND THE HOLLOW’s music, which is driven by 9-string guitars, 6-string basses and modern electronic soundscapes and which is rounded off by a varied mixture of grunting, screaming and a melancholic, clear voice, comes into its own. Partially produced by Kris Norris (Darkest Hour, Scar The Martyr, Shadow Domain) as well as mixed and mastered by Thomas ‘Drop’ Betrisey (Samael, The Erkonauts, Sybreed) “Echoes Of Existence” is already causing a stir in the scene! Hence, in July/August, the German Orkus Magazine chose them as the ‘newcomer of the issue’. ASCEND THE HOLLOW were in the MRC30 Metal/Rock Charts for eight weeks, their songs have airplay on numerous Metal radio shows and furthermore, there are more great album reviews to read from all over the world.


Ascend The Hollow – Polaris Calling

Ascend The Hollow – Sea Of Crisis

Ascend The Hollow – Echoes Of Existence

Ascend The Hollow – Prisoners Of The Storm

Ascend The Hollow
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