Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden

Artificial Eden – Artificial Eden

ARTIFICIAL EDEN – album “Artificial Eden”
(October 16th, 2020, Boersma Records, Germany)

– Artificial Eden
– Thoughts
– Poor Desire
– Lies Between The Lines
– Day Of Tears
– Land Of Depression

Fans of progressive rock and hard rock almost solely rely to and keep getting back at the 70’s prog rock music production. After the 80’s, despite the use of progressive elements mostly as a part of the technical music face of a band or sometimes as a show off of their abilities on their instruments, through the decades, it has always seemed like the 70’s are the decade to dive into if you want to discover the progressive rock sound for real.

Well maybe it is so, and after all progressive never ceased to exist in modern music as an element, but over the last decades (from the 00’s on, to be more specific), there seems to be a global uprising of progressive rock music with new bands coming in. Some of them often only try to just copy their idols be it Rush if into rock or Dream Theater if into metal. Others add in alternative rock themes, if they are more into the 90’s aspect of things. But what is if someone uses them all?

Greece is a country with a small but significant 70’s and 80’s production in progressive rock. The 90’s found their metal scene (and especially extreme metal) dominant, so I’m unsure if progressive rock kept going in the underground down there. However, after the 00’s there seems to be an uprising mode for this genre with great bands like Mother of Millions, Poem and Need coming from Greece. All of them have significantly refreshed the style adding to it alternative/modern sounds, but keeping the core idea alive.

Artificial Eden present a great mix of progressive rock with hard rock and they also add in some modern metal elements. Their style is delivered in an absolutely solid way with great performance, super cool songwriting with brilliant grooves and the necessary hooks all the way plus a flattering for the genre production. Although they can be called a progressive hard rock band, they cannot easily be labeled under a music style. Artificial Eden have an own signature sound, and this pretty much sums up their success.

As every progressive band in the world, they love improvisations and freestyle long themes, which they do in a very complimentary way for the songwriting, thus their songs are often longer than expected, but they keep them interesting throughout the whole record. With their nice songwriting that makes memorable songs like “Day of Tears”, “Land of Depression” (despite its 12plus minutes) and “Poor Desire”, Artificial Eden seem to be for good on track to become favorites for fans of the genre.

Their songwriting ideas are very nice and then there are those beautiful vocals to dress the music up.

To summarize, Artificial Eden released a really solid and beautiful progressive hard rocking album. It is always great to listen to such works that actually keep the flame alive and support the style so well. Progressive rock and hard rock fans this one’s for you! Don’t miss it!

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