Arhat release their music video for the song Freedom from their debut album Dead Life, which was released in December 2020.

We chose it not by chance, we consider this song iconic. Freedom is the most valuable thing.
This is what we have at the genetic level. Without freedom, any thing is worthless. But at the same time, freedom is everything.
Freedom to choose, to be who you are, to live by your own rules. 
DOP: Sergei Subbotin
Music: Anton Skrebov 
Lyric: Oleksandr Kharechko 
Recording,mixing and mastering: Serhii Sershen 
Drums recording: AVSound (Valery Likhachov)

Arhat, the groove metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine, has released the debut album, named Dead Life.  The album is marked by the band’s aggressive sound and oriental melodies.  An interesting feature is female vocals, which can be heard in the songs Mantra and Arhat. Another interesting ingredient is percussion, which emphasizes the oriental elements in the sound of the band (the songs Outcast and Arhat). The musical fundament is mix of groove, death and hardcore.

When it comes to the lyrics, some of the songs (Danger of Death, Outcast, Dead Life, Freedom, Maximalism) are ironic reflectin of our rough times, and the other ones, namely Arhat, Stately Ruins and Mantra, contain plots from mythology and history of oriental peoples.

The album will be available on leading streaming platforms, as well as on CD.

Arhat are:

Alex Sitkoff – vocals
Anton Skrebov – guitar
Pavel Chepeliev – guitar
Anton Inov – bass
Dmytro “La De Vill” Sychov – drums


Arhat – Freedom

Arhat – Outcast

Arhat – Maximalism

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