April in Ashes

April in Ashes

Crushing riffs, brutal breakdowns and an electric energy sets April In Ashes apart from the rest and proves that they’re a band to keep your eye on.

Jay Taylor – Vocals
Zachary Reynolds – Guitars
Will Roberts – Guitars
Olly Heath – Bass
Ollie Burns – Drums

Message from Jay Taylor

I just want to write a quick message to everyone that’s supported us so far! I love each and every one of you guys that show your support! Whether it’s liking the page or coming to our shows, you guys are absolutely amazing! We would not be where we are without you guys! Keep on keeping on, and we’ll see you next show 😉

~ Jay

April in Ashes – Practice vid 1

April in Ashes – Practice vid 2

april in ashes

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Band location – East Midlands England

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