Funeral Crown
4 December 2020

International chamber black metal group Antiqva is on the eve of releasing their single ‘Funeral Crown’, to be followed by a full-length album later in 2021. With dramatic chants and moving string sections, this is a show-stopping introduction to a project with high expectations.

Australian vocalist Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris/Omega Infinity) and Canadian Juno nominated composer/pianist/harpist Lindsay Schoolcraft, conceived the idea for Antiqva while touring Europe in 2015, both expressing the interest to explore different musical pathways within the same band, ultimately starting a project that combined the age and elegance of classical music with the wild fervour of black metal, bringing both worlds together to create something altogether truly immense yet intimately detailed.

With an ensemble of experienced past, present, and live musicians from bands including Negator, Karkaos/Blackguard, Black Crown Initiate, Susperia/Abyssic, and The Ocean (in addition to Xenoyr and Schoolcraft’s own lengthy resumes), Antiqva unites many talents, and if the depth and intricacy of ‘Funeral Crown’ is any indication of what’s to come, Antiqva is not a band to sleep on. Visit Antiqva’s website to join the mailing list for updates, presale is available now!


Xenoyr : Harsh Vocals
Lindsay Schoolcraft : Orchestrations, Piano & Ethereal Vocals
Fabian Schaper : Guitars
Justine Ethier : Drums & Orchestrations
Dalai Cellai : Cello
Memnock : Bass & Contrabass
Andy Thomas : Clean Vocals & Additional Guitars

RIYL/FFO: Dimmu Borgir

Antiqva is pronounced as ”antiqua.”

Antiqva – Funeral Crown teaser

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