Presents “Ne Jamais Douter” Music Video

French symphonic prog. metal force Antipod presents the music video for their track “Ne Jamais Douter.” This compelling composition is a part of their progressive metal opus “Eveil,” released via Wormholedeath.

Experience the fascinating world of Antipod’s music and check out “Ne Jamais Douter” below:

‘Eveil’ defies easy categorization, blending a metal core with symphonic and progressive elements. It infuses certain tracks with a unique, cinematic quality, exploring a spectrum of themes—both contemporary and timeless—always presented metaphorically,”

Embark on a journey through a vivid, diverse universe that masterfully conveys emotions and atmospheric sensations. Immerse yourself in the emotional tapestry of “Eveil,” available for streaming on Spotify.

Antipod initially began as a solo project called Mythrillium, led by Sebastien who composed music without any specific expectations. After sharing his creations with musician friends, they encouraged him to record tracks in a studio. Steven Segarra, the creator and guitarist of “Wedingoth,” was contacted to assist with recording, contributing most of the guitar and bass lines due to his multi-instrumentalist abilities. Several guest musicians were invited to participate in the album, including Steven Segarra, Julien LAGNIER, Fabien LACROIX, and Stéphane MONSÉRRAT.

Over time, there have been lineup changes, with notable additions including Jemina on vocals, the official role of Stéphane, and Élias on guitar, while Gregory departed for personal reasons and was replaced by Aurelien on drums.

1 Eveil
2 Affronter ses idées noires
3 Heylel
4 La vie au temps
5 Ne jamais douter
6 Berzerkir
7 Naufrage
8 Nouvelle ere
9 Chrysalide
10 Valse des songes
11 La vie au temps orchestrale (bonus)

 ANTIPOD’s lineup :

Jémina Robineau: Female Singer
Stéphane Monserrat: Male Singer
Elias Bouabib: Rhythmic Guitar, Solo and Backing Vocals
Bilel Adda: Rhythmic Guitar
Aurélien Braun: Drums
Matthieu Lucet: Bass
Sébastien Lelong: Keyboard, Composer

Antipod – Ne Jamais Douter

Antipod – Nouvelle ere

Antipod – Sign with WormHoleDeath

Antipod – Heylel

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