The Land Of Nod
Release: 29 September 2023

The Land of Nod is the dark, eclectic new offering from ANTIMOZDEBEAST. Unafraid to push boundaries and lean into the atmospheric, dissonant and discordant, ANTIMOZDEBEAST produces immersive heavy music laced with synths, arpeggiators and trance gates. The enticing The Land of Nod, will be released on September 29th, 2023. 

“The Land of Nod is an adaptation of what I believe to be the balance between humanities ultimatum of existence and afterlife and the disarray in its consciousness and nature. I am portraying the relationship between the two worlds we live in and the relationship between them. Thematically speaking The Land of Nod has no beginning and no end. It exists only to create a sense of urgency in the self and the universe.”

ANTIMOZDEBEAST’s multi-textural sound is revealed from the off. “Apocalypse Literature” opens The Land of Nod with bright acoustic guitars, distorted rhythms, and driving electronics. “Lamb of God Lion of Judah” dives into the more intriguing aspects of ANTIMOZDEBEAST’s style. The harsh electronics, fast-pace, and dissonant edge deliver a more industrial led track with the contrast of the bright acoustic parts. “Napoleon Bonaparte” continues this theme but sees distorted guitar leads take a more prominent position. Layers of contrapuntal, chaotic melodies manifest a sense of anxiety and foreboding. Leading into haunting realms, “Pentecost” emerges with a haunting character. There’s an eerie feel to this track that gradually builds. The Land of Nod ends with a pandemonium of arpeggiated synths in “Revelation 6”. 

Created in 2019 in New York, and now Florida based, ANTIMOZDEBEAST is the industrial metal project from Gabriel Palacio. Drawing inspiration from the likes of NIN, MINISTRY, SKINNY PUPPY, ROB ZOMBIE and A PERFECT CIRCLE, ANTIMOZDEBEAST finds his music on a balance of sound, noise, and metal. ANTIMOZDEBEAST has created a discography that showcases the project’s distinctive and experimental nature.

AntiMozdeBeast – Sky Unfurled

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