Anna Achimowicz

Anna Achimowicz launches mysterious project #DivineVoltage ⚡️ celebrating her 23 year artistic career and birthday.

All photo credits: Montar 2023

Artistic director, rock choreographer and bassist says:
“In the age of everyone backstage, behind the scenes and up in everybody’s business, I’m bringing back myself the need of mysticism, wonder, and sense of secret and unattainability of the ‘behind the curtain of creativity’. The between of the magic between the Art and Artist and the Audience.”

“What will be revealed, will be in Divine Timing. Until then interpretation is open and free to the audience how #DivineVoltage resonates to everyone collectively and individually.” – Anna continues

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23 years ago, I first stood behind the curtain, before my very first stage debut went down, today I celebrate over 2 decades as an Artist and Performer, as well as Artistic Leader wiser in knowledge and experience, that creation incarnate is more than we could have ever imagined, and move I have ever defined my art to be.
Inspiring You to Burn Your Walls Down To Your True Core
Divine Voltage

All photo credits: Montar 2023

Teasing the project on 10/06/2023 with first possible images promoting the project, Anna expresses:

“Somewhere between swans, metal Shipyards and Divine intervention. Reaching back to roots where my bare feet first touched the stage and 23 years later with a re-known sense of power, experience and Goddess message of creation. A new image of Anna Achimowicz the Artist is born – Divine Voltage

“My art, stage shows, physical expression has been always about transformation and metamorphosis. In early 2000 I started my individual solo path in physical theatre, straying away from the mainstream musical, into depths of avant garde and alternative darkness, 20 years later, and two decades of stage productions and original performances, in 2020 I discovered my love for bass playing metal, that took me in 2021 into writing music and lyrics. And 2022 leading onto June 2023 showed me my creative mission is wider than I expected or anticipated and is not bound by simply one medium.
The Anna Achimowicz of 2023 and onwards is here to re-awaken humanity through Divine Voltage shaking them up to their truth, their passion, their hearts and souls, so meticulously hidden by the matrix world.
Divine Voltage isn’t religious in it’s message not dogmatic. Divinity as creators incarnate is in us all here on Earth, not just Artists, but we are the Guides. Musicians, and Choreographers, Performers and Rebels, But we’re here to Lead. And with that Leadership we plant the seeds of creation.
Divine Voltage is spiritual but it’s a high voltage message will be sure to burn you down, right to your true raw core.

All photo credits: Montar 2023

Are you Ready? ” ~ Anna Achimowicz from set on 10/06/2023 Gdansk, Imperial Shipyards

Anna Marika Achimowicz

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