Andy Rocks – Porcelain Heart

ANDY ROCKS – EP “Porcelain Heart” – (April 2019, self-release)

  1. Porcelain Heart
  2. Drag You Down
  3. Long Lost Love

Andrea has a great voice! She can probably sing anything about rock and hard rock music. This is the result of the EP “Porcelain Heart” that maybe will not surprise you about its unique style but you will find some very interesting hard rock songs.

If you add their latest single “Digital Detox” you can be certain that this just a matter of time for Andy Rocks to become bigger. They sound really catchy and tight and their singer’s voice remains powerful and attractive.

Back to the EP “Porcelain Heart” and its 3 songs “Drag You Down”, “Long Lost Love” and the homonymous one.  Andy Rocks doesn’t stick to the hard rock genre. There are many interesting details ranging from soft pop-rock and even modern stuff.  The result sounds pretty solid and soulful. The homonymous track attracts with some very beautiful and characteristic guitar theme. All songs are really catchy with nice choruses and tight rhythmic session. The production could be a bit better but this is far from plastic modern productions. This sounds warm and analog. We strongly believe that they will have a better production on their first full album.

The musicians on this EP are also really decent. The vocalist Andrea Weiss that also plays the guitar, Michael Fischer on Bass and Markus Rubel on drums succeeded on their work and brought to us some very tight stuff. Thumbs up for their groove!

In summary “Porcelain Heart” contains 3 great tracks and this clever song tracklist make this an awesome EP in the end. Small and catchy songs that give birth for big hopes about Andy Rocks in the near future.

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