Ancestral Blood

“Sky Fortress of Wizardry” (Lyric Video)

Track taken from the band’s album “Forgotten Myths And Legends, Ch.1“, out via Wormholedeath.

“Forgotten Myths and Legends” is a musical journey that explores lost stories and legends from different cultures and eras. Each song is fascinating, epical, and well-crafted to take each listener back through an old world of magic, kings, and dark mystical times. The songs consist of furious yet mesmerizing guitars, celestial and melancholy atmospheres, and harsh vocals while drumming to the call of battle.

Ancestral Blood’s music is described as atmospheric battle metal with celestial vibrance. The band cites influences from 90s underground black metal and old releases by bands such as Ishtar, Isvind, Arthemesia, Vordven, Trollheims Grott, Ringnevond, Summoning, and Windir.

“Forgotten Myths and Legends – Chapter 1” tracklist:

01 Forged in the Fires of Hephaestos
02 Forgotten Myths and Legends
03 Sky Fortress of Wizardry
04 Crystallized Within the Caverns of Time
05 Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions
06 Awaiting Where Calm Winds Blow at Nightfall
07 The Cronos Stone
08 Lost on a Boundless Journey (Voyage)
09 Sparks of Light Atop Towers Deserted for Ages

Ancestral Blood is:

– Verigo: All music, guitars/leads/bass/keys/lyrics/male spoken parts/backup screams
– Circe: Harsh vocals/female voices and spoken parts
– Void: Drums
– Hepar: Bass

Ancestral Blood – Sky Fortress of Wizardry

Ancestral Blood – Forgotten Myths & Legends

Ancestral Blood – Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions

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