25th August 2023

Bass-player Pasi Tanskanen says about “Excelsior”:

“‘Excelsior’ is a very energetic old-school Heavy Metal anthem and also showcases the vocalist Erik Kraemer’s incredible range and skills!

Writing ‘Excelsior’ started with the intro guitar riff which I ended up using on chorus as well. The song started to build up from there to become a fresh take on what NWOBHM has been offering since the 80s.

The theme of the song is basically going from feeling down and low to reach the stars and taking the means to your own hands in your life. Higher and higher as the Latin word of the song title translates.”

Skillfully refreshed tradition!

AMORTA is a Finnish Heavy Metal band founded in 2021 by bassist Pasi Tanskanen (THAUROROD).

Other members in the line-up are Erik Kraemer (SIMULACRUM, KRAEMER), Harri Hytönen (KALMAH live guitarist) and Joonas Pykälä-aho (THAUROROD, AMBERIAN DAWN)

This new band in Metal is born rising like a Phoenix from the ashes!

AMORTA offers traditional old-school Heavy Metal at the very highest level!

Artwork • “Excelsior”
Martin Vrigsjö Staflin

Official release: Aug. 25, 2023 


Let AMORTA boil your blood

Let them pound your Metal heart!

📸  Toni Forssell
Erik Kraemer • Vocals
Harri Hytönen • Guitars
Pasi Tanskanen • Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho • Drums

Amorta – Excelsior 25th Aug 23

Amorta – Shadows Of Whitechapel

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