Alpha Boötis

Alpha Bootis
Circling the Belt of Orion
Self released
Release: 14 July 2021

Sci-Fi inspired synth-metal explorer Alpha Boötis has teamed up with folk ambient artist Alattia on an inspired remix of Circling The Belt Of Orion. Out July 14th, this marks the 3rd single from the upcoming Jump to Alpha Boötis album due out August 27, 2021.

Ozymandias of Alpha Boötis comments: “Aside from our love of science-fiction, metal and synthwave, another thing that unites Frak, Harakoa and me is our shared passion for folk music. This is the passion that inspired me to join Frak in his post-apocalyptic folk project Alattia, and it’s also that passion that made us revisit Circling the Belt of Orion as an electronic folk piece. There’s always been a folk sensibility to the melodies and chord progressions we write in Alpha Boötis, and I always drew inspiration from Wardruna, Dead Can Dance and other folk adjacent artists. It felt great to finally explore that territory in more depth.”

Bringing “out of this world” and under the stratosphere together, Circling the Belt Of Orion features an eclectic range of instrumentation including: a tenor and soprano recorder, saxophone, irish buzuki and orchestral/folk percussion, for a very different experience than your ordinary Alpha Boötis song.


Music by Frak & Ozymandias

Soprano and tenor recorder by Harakoa
Saxophone by Krogorlon
Buzuki by Frak
Synths and drum programming by Ozymandias

Recorded by Ozymandias
Additional recording by Adrien Agard

Mixing by David Fuller
Mastering by Brandon Allhouse at Steelhouse Studios

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Alpha Bootis – Circling the Belt of Orion

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