The story of how aeth came to be begins with the meeting of two, soon to be life-long friends. Craig (left) and Tom (right) met when they were 8 years old attending the same elementary school in upstate NY.  At around 13 the duo started playing music together, and things progressed quickly from there.  A few years later they would put together their own cover band dubbed, Apathy.  The band picked up a few other members and performed songs by acts like Nirvana, Bush, Alice in Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots among others.  Playing shows live almost every weekend for years, both Craig and Tom got a real taste for performing.  Eventually, the two of them began getting into heavier, more complex music which ended up pushing them to start writing original material.  Working with only each other, they recorded material under a new moniker:  aeth. 

In the mid 2000’s, Craig relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area and soon after Tom moved to Boston (now living in New Jersey).  Though it took a little time, the physical separation didn’t stop them from continuing their passion.  The duo began working on tracks by sending them back and forth to each other via email.  The formula proved successful.  Both Craig and Tom handle mixing/producing, writing, recording, and video production for themselves, all while being located in different parts of the country.  They’ve even started some side-projects (such as Structures in Silence) along the way.  Now alive and kicking, is aeth’s first self-titled EP., which is now available on all platforms.

aeth – Much Too Soon

aeth – Everything You Wanted

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