Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

The songs on Lioness channel the mixed emotions of self-discovery: the wounds of losing yourself in sadness, the darkness of overwhelm, the fear of change and a will to do it anyway. Love, lust, anger, denial and compassion for the self, weave through each song. I use the music as a vessel for my own healing, and I feel the power in the shared connection we can make with those who listen. 

You can hear our new album, Lioness on Spotify/Soundcloud. More info also at Exclaim!

Ace of Wands is the music and songwriting of Lee Rose. Joined by Anna Mernieks and Jody Brumell, the band creates mixture of tones and emotions, blending soaring vocals, violin, synth-bass and guitar into songs inspired by the supernatural, elemental forces and physical sensation. Drawing on a background of rock and roll, classical violin training and folk music, Ace of Wands expands their songwriting to incorporate facets of cinematic soundscapes, pop melodies and interlocking guitars and vocals. Motivated by the tarot card of the same name, the music is about will and determination; to create and destroy, and to bring about physical, mental and spiritual transformation.

Lee Rose discusses new single and debut album title track Lioness

““Lioness” – the title track of our forthcoming debut album – was written at a time of transformation in my life. The song came from a place of self-destruction while I simultaneously searched for strength and the ability to persevere. The Lioness – a powerful, fierce, nurturing and self-reliant creature – embodied all of the qualities I was searching for in myself at the time.

The accompanying video for “Lioness” is inspired by a love of horror movies and suspense, depicting the lure of self-destruction followed by an acceptance of the darkness within. The visuals show each of us at a different stage of this transformation, ending in our unification as a singular unit.

“Lioness” communicates the fierce energy we embody as a band. From despair and anger to hope and tenderness, we seek to explore all the ways in which we process emotion in our lives. “Lioness” captures one element of this. We hope that you can share in the feelings of excitement, fierceness and confidence we have when we play this song.”

Ace of Wands – Lioness

Ace of Wands – 10,000 Feet

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