a2RK are a Progressive Rock band from Leicester, UK:

Kelvyn Martin: Guitars, Vocals, Keys

Roy Naidoo: Keys, Programming, Guitar, Vocals

Andy Heggs: Bass, Guitar,Vocals Drums on prdctbl and China Dawn

also featuring the late, great and sorely missed Adi Barrett on Drums, Guitars, Vocals

We are inspired by a multitude of styles, such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Eagles, Steely Dan, Porcupine Tree, Spock’s Beard, Flower Kings, Jethro Tull………

At the end of 2016 we released our debut EP entitled ‘Papillon’.

1. ‘Papillon Theme’, inspired by the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment of Kelvyn’s wife using the Papillon technique, this instrumental sets the mood of the EP.
2. ‘Wings Of Hope’, is a 70’s progressive-style rock’n’roller which takes the symbol of hope of Papillon and really gives it some air.
3. ‘St. Martins West’, reflecting on memories of growing up in 70’s Leicester within a symphonic, majestic rock song.

In November 2017, we released our 2nd EP entitled ‘prdctbl:’.

1. ‘prdctbl:’ is the Title track – from the pen of Andy, who features on lead vocal and acoustic guitar.
2. ‘Tears’ – Roy’s ambient composition, touching on the emotional subject of loss.
3. ‘China Dawn’ – Kelv’s sensual, poetic musings of a fragrant Oriental day-break.

The band is enormously proud of these 2 mini collections, as a definitive representation of where they have reached and where they are moving to – continually working and re-working a host of material – each member of a2RK contributing to the writing and arrangement of songs (including previous collaborations on co-written material from Adi – which have mercifully been saved ‘in the can’). Versatility rules, man – much more to come!

So stay ‘tuned in’ for now and through 2018 – download the songs, give ’em some ‘welly on yer woofers ‘n’ tweeters’, tell yer mates, come to the gigs (watch a2RKnewsfor the dates) as the band continue to polish, hone, refine and release more of their ‘stuff’ …..

“You owe it to yourself, you know”Adi B: (2001 or so…)” 

a2RK – prdctbl:

a2RK – Tears

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Band location – Leicester England

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