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For Swedish singer-songwriter act ‘a strAnger’, music has always been an eclectic undertaking. Starting out playing in bands ranging from thrash, to heavy rock to grunge and punk-rock, while at the same time honing his acoustic skills on his own and appreciating a wide range of other musical styles; ‘a strAnger’ does not worry much about genres.

Being influenced by a wide array of music based on electric-, electronic- and acoustic instruments spanning various decades, it is quite natural to use them all as compliments to each other in his music as he sees fit.

Lyrically ‘a strAnger’ songs are in many ways a social commentary or reflection, both on things unfolding in close proximity and in the distance.

7 years was spent in China during the first decade of the 21st century, exploring and taking part in the emerging rock scence, as a solo artist and with his heavy rock outfit “The Roadkills”, but also performing with various international constellations – consisting of anything from jazz musicians to dj’s. This musical journey took him to festivals, events, rock clubs, dance clubs and outdoor stages all over mainland China and to Taiwan.

With “The Roadkills” 2 EPs were recorded, and after having moved back to Sweden he released the solo album “Volatility” in 2010. In 2012 the single “Enough said” was released.

During 2016-2017 the new album “Insatiable” is being released on a “song-by-song”-basis. Part 1 was released during 2016 and Part 2 spans 2017, amounting to 12 songs in total.


a strAnger – Damn Your Shame

a strAnger – The Horizon

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