A Novelist

A Novelist

Louisiana-based progressive death metal project A Novelist is finally on the cusp of releasing their sophomore full-length, Folie, this Friday, February 8th. The band once again enlisted the talents of renowned sound engineer Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Wretched, etc.) to ensure the best possible production for their new album.

 A Novelist is the creative partnership of drummer Alex Babineaux and vocalist, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Nugent. Started in 2009 between friends in Lafayette, Louisiana, they began with the simple goal of writing and playing death metal. Over time their goals as a band grew larger, driven by a bold desire to expand the idea of what death metal can be through free and uncompromised expression.

Today the band partnered with Indy Metal Vault to launch “His Kingdom is Vast”, the fourth single to air from their upcoming second full-length, Folie. Set for release on Friday, February 8th.

*You can listen to A Novelist – “His Kingdom is Vast” HERE

Indy Metal Vault comments on today’s premiere of “His Kingdom is Vast”
“One doesn’t need to spend very long with the album, though, to notice that drummer Alex Babineaux and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ben Nugent’s music may be grounded in death metal, but they have no real use for genre conventions or constraints. In fact, the cover art isn’t the only thing that reminds me of The Mars Volta – there’s a similar sense of daring in their music as well in the way that they draw from all points on the musical spectrum from jazz to post-hardcore to tech-death. Alaska or Colors-era Between the Buried and Me – which (perhaps not coincidentally) were both produced by Jamie King, who also handled the recording on Foile – also make for good points of comparison regarding their approach.”

” If you wanted to, you could pick apart the song’s structure and marvel at the way they move so effortlessly and effectively from super-techy, 500-notes-a-minute sections to melodic, mid-tempo back metal riffing to atmospheric post-hardcore passages with soaring vocals. Or you could turn your brain off, pop in your earbuds, and just enjoy the ride.”

**Pre-orders for A Novelist – Folie are now live

The band partnered with Invisible Oranges to launch an early album stream of Folie. Set for release on Friday, February 8th.

Invisible Oranges comments on today’s album stream of A Novelist – Folie
“Project co-conspirators Ben Nugent (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) and Alex Babineaux (drums) have matured significantly since A Novelist’s debut album Portraits: from its unbridled musicianship to its effortless synchrony, Folie feels emergent rather than constructed (more free-form dance than dress rehearsal). Across its 12 tracks, the album pirouettes from melodic bursts of speed and energy (further amplified by Nugent’s dazzling clean vocals) to moody, ambient moments of reflection — and even though transitions are aplenty and often abrupt, no musical idea feels underexplored or underutilized.”

A Novelist – Folie Track Listing
1. Folie Noire
2. Exteriors
3. Tombeau
4. Apparitions
5. His Kingdom is Vast
6. Strangers in the House of Auto-da-Fe
7. Acacia Crown
8. Caveat Lector
9. Stockholm Blues
10. Crestfallen
11. Learning Paralysis
12. Interiors

A Novelist – Folie Line-Up 
Ben Nugent – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Effects (Nethermost Majesty)
Alex Babineaux – Drums (Nethermost Majesty) 

*Backing vocals performed by Alex Babineaux, Chelsea Self, and Jessica Morgan
*Guest musician: Marc “Elder” Linam – Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone, Baritone saxophone, C-melody saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, and Flute

A Novelist – His Kingdom Is Vast

A Novelist – Tombeau

A Novelist – Apparitions

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