8SNAKE (formerly Francesco Fonte Band)

8SNAKE (formerly Francesco Fonte Band)

8SNAKE (formally Francesco Fonte Band)

We have a new video and we are changing our name!

After a successful year on from the release of our latest album ‘Eight’ (2018) followed by ‘Desert And The Moon Light’ European tour we are happy to release this live video of ‘Sun’ at Renaissance Festival 2018. As we are now ready to break through a new season and start working on new material we are excited to announce our new name 8SNAKE. There will be no changes to the formation of the band and we are ready to rock more stages. 8SNAKE as the band will now be known are looking forward to working on new material and expanding the scope of sounds that make this band unique.

Video credits:
Camera G.@Strondl and Rad Georgiev, 
Sound and video editing Douglas Wheeler, 
Sound recording Ays Kura.

Wayne Casserly drums
Francesco Fonte vocal, guitar
Douglas Wheeler bass guitar

8SNAKE – Sun

Sun is the second song of ‘Eight’ the latest album of 8SNAKE formally Francesco Fonte Band. The track represents the characteristics of the entire album very well. It’s progression goes through different genres without a hitch, creating a proper journey. 

The track includes some stoner guitars but still keeps the psychedelic concept which is leading the song. The lyrics denounce religions as barriers that stop people from discovering their own spirituality and make them lose the sense of reality. 

‘I want to escape my body is dying, no time to sleep, no time to be’ 

is a line in the song about the frenetic rhythm in which we have to throw our life to keep ourselves alive, in a system that doesn’t give us the time to analyse our existence, and real meaning of life. 

A progressive Rock band based in the UK and formed in 2011. Previous releases include the debut album ‘Blue Omens’ (2011) and the EP ‘Arousal Addiction’ (2013). Both records were reviewed by many webzines and magazines all over the EU. The same year as their latest release they performed more than twenty successful shows in some of London’s best music venues. They also achieved numerous airplay’s from radios (K2KRadio, VirginRock, ClassicRock and Bcfm-Bristol). The new album ‘Eight’ was released through NMTCG records on 1st June 2018.

Universe Garden is the third song of ‘Eight’ the new album of Francesco Fonte Band. the duration of the track is about 6 minutes.
With this song the band recalls the 80’s goth and dark rock. 
The track starts with nostalgic, romantic and poetic lyrics supported by a very incisive and essential bass line and psychedelic guitars. During the third verse the music gets heavier with heavier drums and distorted guitars while the goth influence on lyrics and bass line continues. One of the best songs the band has ever released. The video has been shot by Torturett Photography in Hampstead Heath, London. The black and white colours match the atmosphere and the mysterious story behind the lyrics. The intention of Torturett is to leave the meaning of the video open to the interpretation of the audience. Although it clearly shows the anxiety and mystery around the main act, the young lady, who is dancing in the forest enjoying the loneliness, the darkness and maybe thinking to get totally lost in it and never come back. She is maybe a little step away from taking her own life or maybe she did already and all we see is just her spirit wandering around while the three guys are looking for her. It could metaphorically represent her journey through madness and the joy to live her own life loosing the sense of reality, escaping from a cruel world to the hidden side of her mind, an imaginary place called Universe Garden.

Francesco Fonte Band – Universe Garden

Francesco Fonte Band – Necropolis Eye

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