7 Mazes

7 Mazes

7 Mazes“ was founded in October 2016 in Burghausen, Germany and consists of „Max Roxton“ (Vocals, 
Guitar), „Bo Jahson“ (Bass), „Stef Rockfall“ (Lead Guitar/Backing Vox) and „Val Pine“ (Drums).

Their debut album „Stronger in the End“, which deals with Max’ father’s sudden passing, came out in May 2017 and was self-released. The physical distributer was „NOVA MD GmbH“, while „Feiyr“ did the digital distribution and the pressing of the hardcopies. After the sold-out release concert, they’ve had a few shows and Interviews (Rock Rage Radio, Boston Rock Radio, Radio Hazzard of Darkness, M94.5/Munich) all around Germany (Upper Bavaria, Passau, Stuttgart, Bavarian Forest, Munich), Austria (Hochburg, Obertraun) and a Tour alongside the US American Eastcoast (Main/Westbrook, South Carolina/Greenville, Pennsylvania/Philadelphia, Massachusetts/Lowell) in January 2018.
In April 2018 they’ve started the recordings of the second album at the same studio as with „S.I.T.E“. With this record, the sound of 7 Mazes turned a bit harder, deeper, darker and got some more Metal, without losing the melodic essence of their unique style.

7 Mazes – Stay Together

7 Mazes – Come Whatever May

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