ΩЯRΑ – Unbounded

ΩЯRΑ – Unbounded

ΩЯRΑ – album “Unbounded” (14 April 2022, Self-release)

  1. Prometheus Unbound Trilogy
  2. The Revenant
  3. Time
  4. In Pulse
  5. Modus Hex Trilogy

The stunningly chaotic and creatively complex ORRA have released their debut album, entitled “Unbounded”. ORRA were formed back in 2019 by a group of experienced, open minded and skillful musicians that it seems they wanted to break the musical barriers between genres. This is just my speculation from what I gathered by listening to the “Unbounded”, but whatever their goal was I can confirm that they have probably achieved it.

We are talking about a really bizarre and strange record. The only thing I am certain of is that it has its foundations in the progressive metal. Apart from that I cannot say with confidence what genre they represent. The “Unbounded” plays in a league of its own, with ORRA being one those bands like Mastodon that you cannot simply place them in a metal genre. And while, musically, the have nothing in common with Mastodon they share the common trait of sounding great and heavy.

If I had to note the different influences and elements that construct the “Unbounded”, I would start with the psychedelic influences that shape the eerie atmosphere of the album. Then there is the groove with the engaging and dynamic rhythmic parts and the symphonic elements that can be found throughout the record. We are not done yet. Of course, there is the progressive core that draws inspiration from both the progressive rock and metal scene and finally the avant-garde and experimental soundscapes that are mostly detected in their most complex compositions, the “Prometheus Unbound Trilogy” and the “Modus Hex Trilogy”.

Halfway in the “Unbounded”, the ORRA have placed a powerful and dynamic ballad that changes the pace a bit and sets the tone for the next two tracks, “In Pulse” and “Redemption”. While the album ends in complexity and avant-garde style, the “Modus Hex Trilogy”, which is the final track of the album, ends with a beautiful melodic section, the perfect closing statement for the record.

Complex, multilayered, eerie, strange and definitely musically stunning, the debut of ORRA is one of the most interesting and worth listening records released so far in 2022.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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