Zumbi – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: Hello guys!  Congrats for your new lyric video “Go Deep”. Really refreshing sound! How are you?

Z: We are doing so good, thank you.


PD: Tell us a few words about the recordings of your new album. When and where?

Z: Well, we recorded the album many year ago, we recorded at different studios We did this because, because we recorded at Jerry house, or some of the instrument we needed the big room studio. Also, because we had a lot of interest from big name record label, sometime they would put us in the studio.


PD: How can you describe your sound?

Z: A mixture of Alternative, hip-hop, trip-hop, we are all over the board because we like all types of music.


PD: Are there any plans for another full album in the near future?

Z: We are working on that as we speak, hopefully we will have it ready soon


PD: Any plans for live performances?

Z: After all this covid stuff is over, now we just want to keep on writing better music. Keep on writing what in our hearts


PD: Do you have any other musical projects, or you feel really dedicated about your band?

Z: I still have my house music project Zona. Jerry is still producing other artist, he has so many other artist that he producing right now he is pretty busy in the studio and Josn has his Hip-hop/rap album he is working on.


PD: What do you enjoy most? Recordings or stage and why?

Z: I Dimitri, love the stage and that what I miss the most. Jerry love recording, he lives in the studio, he would live there if you let him LOL. Jason loves both, he love just entertaining people and writing.


PD: What is your opinion about the whole situation in the world today? Are you happy?

Z: We are not very happy with all the hatred, fighting in the world, it makes us sad. That the reason we got back together, I Dimitri felt we had something to say. The whole album is a message album, that just the way I write. I really want to touch people, that why the ablum deals with so many topics. from Go Deep( how we don’t talk anymore to eachother), the song “Fear” because of this covid, song “Killing boys” boys without fathers, that me. Politicssong “Follow the leader” Follow the wrong leaders and song “Desert Flower” from a book about female genital mutilation in African countries. This is just some of the topic on the ablum, but write them with Love and compasion.


PD: What are your future plans about the band? Are you going to keep a steady line up or you will follow the idea of a project?

Z: Yes, keep the lineup, but when we play live. We plan on bring in other musicians. So we can have a full sound.


PD: Do you believe in God?

Z: We are all spiritual people, we where brought up in the church, so God is a big part of our lives. That why i felt God say, Dimitri it time to do your music.


PD: Are you angry with prejudiced people judging your music?

Z: I hope not, just hope people just listen to the lyrics and see that notice that we have a message. Like that old O’Jays song “Message in our Music”


PD: But we really like your work! The last words are yours…

Z: Love God, then love your brotha as yourself.

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