Zumbi – Ahead Of Time

Zumbi – Ahead Of Time

ZUMBI – album “AHEAD OF TIME” (30 April 2021, New Dream Records)

  1. Hipocricy
  2. Go Deep
  3. Wrecked
  4. Fear
  5. Desert Flower
  6. Get Up
  7. Follow The Leader
  8. 26 Fires
  9. The Healing
  10. Everything Isn’t What It Seems
  11. No One
  12. Make Me Think
  13. The Killing Boys
  14. Outro

It’s weird about Zumbi band. “Ahead of Time” is considered a trip hop record, but looking deeper I’m not sure if I feel the same way. There is so much more going on this record. And yes, it’s when different styles on vocals became an essential ingredient for this band. But as far as the songwriting itself goes, I actually don’t see it as something that’s too far removed from what some of the best downtempo bands did in the past. The album was recorded several years ago and now this band is back on action.

So how different can it really be? Like “Fear” and other highlights from here, they use harmony to their advantage, and maybe more. “Hypocrisy” hits you with this right off the bat. But stuff like this aside? “Ahead of Time” is a really powerful record with catchy songs and sophisticated lyrics. The only thing that was truly dropped was certain degrees of rawness in the instrumentation and production alike.

What I really love is how much energy some of the musical passages contain.  “Go Deep” is a lethargic but wonderful song  that is a bit out of place and it talks about the loneliness of social media. But it’s a relentless ball of energy that drives to a great chorus that none of the other tracks touch.  “25 Fires” may come close because of its chromatic nature causing a similar effect, but it’s still done differently. Those melodies in the intro, and the shifts in moods without error are untouchable.

 To sum it up, I will admit that Zumbi did fall just the slightest bit short in terms of memorability here.  Don’t read me wrong; it’s a spectacular fucking record, one that can be certainly considered as a jewel for trip hop scene.Funk, reggae and rock fans should also check this out. I just find myself wondering how close all details come to perfection about this debut!

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