Zoey Lily

Zoey Lily

I wish I could tell you that I wasn’t the reason why. Zoey Lily’s latest single titled ‘The End’ is a reminder of our responsibility, for the wellbeing of our fellow humans, the environment and the animals we share the planet with.

Zoey has teamed up with ‘Unicef’, the ‘WWF’ and ‘Color of Change’ to whom she’ll be donating 100 per cent of the proceeds from streaming and downloads for the first two months of the release. The idea behind the campaign is #streamtodonate which gives people an opportunity to help, even if they don’t have the means to donate traditionally.

Not a newcomer to London’s vibrant scene of great talent, Zoey spent the isolation period writing and producing new music. She announces her debut EP to be released in spring 2021 with singles teasing it from July 2020 onwards. The upcoming EP combines her soft, soothing vocals with organic sounds, electronics and influences of the UK’s rap and hip hop culture.

Zoey says ‘I had a lot of time to self-reflect on my role in making this world a better place. As a young creative in this society, I feel we all have the responsibility to take action to preserve the earth for future generations and to make this world a place where words like ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ actually mean something. Humankind has come so far in the sciences and technology but, at the same time, we still have not learnt to treat each other respectfully and take care of the environment. I wrote the song about the hypothetical question ‘What if the world and everything living on it ended today, would people start to realise that we need to change now?’

BIO: Raised between the metropolis of London and the rural serenity of the southern French village Les Mayons, Zoey Lily can denote her creative instinct to a multicultural upbringing which included international tours with her live music agent father and the artistic influence of her mother, a former Parisian fashion designer. As a child, Zoey was always drawn to art, be it painting, dancing, poetry or classical music and has set out to become a highly independent and original songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

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