ZIVANISHED – “To vouttiman” from album “100% Pure Cypriot Beating”.

Zivanished  was born when singer, guitarist and songwriter Louis Syrimis decided to write a metal/hardcore song with the lyrics from theclassic Cypriot poem “O Kafkas” (The Fight). This song was uploaded on YouTube in 2011 and was an instant hit which resulted in it playing at various bars and radio stations.

 Worth noting is that Zivanished and Infected Syren share the same band members and back then they used to perform songs from both bands at live shows. Lineup changes were inevitable through the years, which resulted in the band turning from a four piece to a three piece, with brothers Louis and Constantinos Syrimis being the only consistent members and Miguel Trapezaris (bass) joining in 2015. All three members have a goal of creating extreme, fast and aggressive music with lots of humour. The music can be described as a mix of thrash/hardcore, with greek and middle eastern influences accompanied with shouting and growling in the Cypriot dialect.

 Eight years later and Zivanished are finally releasing their debut album entitled “100% Agno Kypriako Xylo” (100% Pure Cypriot Beating) self released (on cd) on the 26th of December 2019.

Zivanished – To Vouttiman

Zivanished – Traoullopolitis

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