Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family
1 June 2021

Something rises in the bleak skies of society as we know it and this may be the end. Zen-metal masters Zennui are about to bestow to the masses their brand-new EP “Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family”!

Influenced by the creative elements of the universe and smelted together from the slag of metals, Zennui explores “the zen of existential dread”. Not inhibited by time, and existing from without, Zennui pulls from the very fabric of the continuum to create a sound beyond the boundaries of the ether. 

Zennui is three like souls pulling from the collective consciousness:Decibel Smith (guitar, vocals, synth, percussion), Saint Blaze  (drums, guitar, vocals, synth, piano, bass), and RJ3  (drums, vocals, percussion). They are joined by other minds to conceive their unbridled rhapsody

“Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family” is rife with the trepidation of eerie synths and a cinematic atmosphere – heavy, unnerving, and unmistakably inspired by vintage horror and sci-fi movie scores. It’s the type of record that can easily garner coveted radio airplay, and yet, it can also serve as the background playlist to Times Square in the 1970s.

Zennui may elude all characterization, fitting in all boxes while also fitting in none at all. One thing is for certain, the genuine artistry behind “Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family” is forthright and undeniable. “Kingdom Jones and the Atom Heart Family” is presented by Last Bastion Records and culminates the epoch of Zennui. Are you finally ready for the journey to the vast void?

Zennui – Third Eye Cyclops

Zennui – Aquatrog

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