Launching hard into 2019, Ripple Music will re-release an acclaimed early album from one of the Ripple Family’s core bands, ZED. 
The home of all things heavy and rockin’ will issue an all-new edition of the out-of-print and much-beloved Desperation Blues album in January as DESPERATION BLUES DELUXE, now accompanied by a special bonus 10-inch featuring a handful of ZED’s earliest demos.
To hype up the release, ZED has assembled a slideshow-on-steroids style video for the song ‘Skin + Bones.’  The video is like a light-speed visual retrospective of the band’s history, set to their particular brand of metal-tinged barroom rock ‘n roll, and it debuts today via Metal Injection at this location.
Discussing the deluxe album re-release with a clutch of rare early demos, the band says:
“This album rocks. Period. People really started taking notice when we self-released it back in the day, which is great because we had put our souls into writing, recording and getting the word out.  It was a completely DIY effort, and that’s a big part of who we are, coming from the underground punk/hardcore/metal scene, where if you wanted something done, you did it!  And to make this re-issue even better, we added the best songs from the demo that became our first album “The Invitation,” which was as DIY as it gets, recording in our rehearsal space with borrowed mics but still sounding great!  We are stoked that Ripple wanted to get this music out to a larger audience.  Its time to shine is now.”
On the song ‘Skin + Bones’ and its history spanning video, they add:
“We were looking back at pictures from shows and realized over half were pics of us with friends and fans, and we really wanted to make something that honors not just the spirit of the music, but also those who were part of our story along the way.  If you’re a ZED fan, you’re family, and we wanted the video to emphasize the amazing friendships and relationships we have made with people along the way.  The song itself embodies the classic “F-You” spirit that essentially epitomizes our old punk/hardcore roots.  Doing things our own way, living life how we want to, not worrying about what’s normal or accepted.  Sonically, we really try to capture that feeling with the big lumbering riffs and tense atmosphere, creating what we think is a feeling of defiance and self reliance.”
DESPERATION BLUES DELUXE lands January 18 from Ripple Music, and ZEDwill perform at the SX Stoner Jam in Austin in March.
Making their roaring presence felt in the Bay Area rock scene since 2007 with heavy footprints and sonically indelible marks are San Jose earth shakers ZED. With a sound based on the core principles of blues, heaviness, groove, and feel, this quartet is the genuine article. No bell bottoms, wizard sleeves, or hip huggers for this crew. Instead, it’s a barrage of head-bobbing, air-guitaring, hip-shaking, blues-driven riffage as delivered by the bastards of rock & roll.
From their inception ZED made a name for themselves with their crushing live shows and incessant grooves. Having played together in various projects since 1998, including releasing several albums with the band Stitch for Prosthetic and Metal Blade Records, guitarist/vocalist Peter Sattari and bassist Mark Aceves joined up with guitar wizard Greg Lopez and drummer extraordinaire Sean Boyles in order to create a sound that was uniquely their own, whose sole purpose was to rock. Drawing from their varied influences, ranging from classic ’70s rock to punk and hardcore by way of metal and old school funk, ZED writes music fueled by nasty grooves. The band has been called “a pissed off Led Zeppelin with Chris Cornell meets Ian Astbury on vocals.”
In recent years the bands momentum has exploded, signing to Ripple Music and growing into a household name in the stoner rock community. Their hard-grooving live show has seen the band perform as headliner support at Maryland Doom Fest and numerous SXSW events. Now as ZED prepares to re-issue their classic sophomore record Desperation Blues and release their next full length, they are eagerly anticipating their first European tour, built around what promises to be a benchmark performance at Desertfest London. No matter the consequences, ZED will rumble on!

ZED – Skin + Bones

ZED – Royale


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