Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs

Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs

Sin Dogs are a 5 piece Rock band founded by Zal Cleminson, mostly associated with his role in THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND.

Zal retired in 2007 but has since reinvented himself and put together a formidable group of musicians from Scotland to perform his brand new material.

The band are currently scheduled to perform a ‘Mini Tour’ at the end of 2017 as a ‘teaser’ of what is to come for 2018 and beyond, with a studio album shortly following..

Zal Cleminson has has an illustrious career spanning 40 years working with acts such as:

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Midge Ure
Elkie Brooks
Bonnie Tyler
The Party Boys
and many more…

In a rather interesting twist, Zal has selected a few musicians for his band who are part of a Sensational Alex Harvey tribute called THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY EXPERIENCE who currently gig around the UK, with Zal quoting that they are the best SAHB Tribute by far.

Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs line up:

Zal Cleminson – Lead Vox/Guitar
David Cowan – Keys / Backing Vox
William McGonagle – Guitar
Nelson McFarlane – Bass
Scott Cowie – Drums

About The Band:

David Cowan has been performing for over 25 years with various bands such as Vinyl Play, JPhunk Quintet, performed in Morocco, and has also worked with SAHB Bassist Chris Glen with his own band THE OUTFIT from 2013-2016. David is a member of SAHB tribute The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

William McGonagle is a guitarist from Clydebank, Glasgow and has vast experience in recording and performing live, having worked with bands such as CLYDE, NUMB, and has also supported top acts such as WET WET WET, and SAHB themselves in the mid 1990’s. William plays the part of ‘ZAL’ in The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

Nelson McFarlane is a bass player from the west end of Glasgow. Nelson has years of experience performing and recording, as well as runs a promotion’s company based in Glasgow called NTM Promotions where Sin Dog’s will mainly be playing under when performing in Scotland.

Scott Cowie is a phenomenal drummer from Coatbridge who like the rest of the band has years of experience working with bands like THE COMPLETE STONE ROSES, CAPTURIE, ROLLA, and also runs a successful podcast station where he regularly interviews top artists from all over the world. Scott was also taught by SAHB Drummer TED MCKENNA.


Zal Cleminson has put out this little video to help announce the arrival of his new long awaited project ” Zal Cleminson’s /Sin’Dogs/” Zal & co have 4 dates booked for the end of November/begining of December,as well as their official debut gig at this years SAHBROCK X,and if the rumours are true,Zal will only be performing brand new material at his sindog dates? Everyone who has been lucky enough to witness some of the rehearsals report that the new material is simply awsome,with big big riffs and lots of epicness….


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  1. I am involved with the band , I can assure you the music is awsome, I have had two Scottishish guitar hero’s all my days Zal & Manny Charlton I am now proud to be a friend of both, I have seen enthusiasm from Zal that excites me about this band , I foresee big things.

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