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Zach Nelson

Zach Nelson

With lyrics that are as heartfelt—“If I had to give up everything and only keep one dream / you’re the dream that I’d be keeping, that’s for sure”—as they are energizing, Zach is known for a signature musical style that is underlined by acoustic pop and is accompanied by meaningful and emotive lyrics, inspired by the world and relationships around him.

Zach Nelson was born in San Jose, California, on April 21, 1994, and it was before he even spoke that he began singing, inventing lyrics and choruses that would develop into a charting album on iTunes, “Tell Me What It’s Like to Fall,” released August 12, 2014, as well as musical collaborations and plans for a forthcoming follow-up album highlighting his development as a professional performer. With a natural inclination toward lyric-writing, rhythm, and the musical arts from such a young age, Zach was enrolled in piano lessons that taught him how to read sheet music, though he didn’t feel inclined to stay within the lines or boundaries of orthodox or classical music. After mastering the piano and guitar by traditional means, he now writes music that is grounded in his ability to create melodies and to play by ear. Zach is now an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and singer.

Garnering attention from YouTube musical sensations Tiffany Alvord and Beau Brooks of the Janoskians for his lyric-writing, Zach is noted within the online community for his original work as well as covers of Daya, Tyler Ward, and Runner Runner, receiving recognition and praise directly from the respective musicians themselves.

In his education, Zach has studied music business, audio technology, and copyright law. But after a year of attending Belmont University in Nashville, Zach realized that here, too, like in music, the traditional route wasn’t for him. With enough technical knowledge behind him, Zach’s career goals in music would be better served networking with other musicians and fans, live streaming on YouNow to an audience of over 179,000 followers, and organically fostering the community that has led him to the rising success he’s met with today.

Zach is currently working on producing a new EP with Redwall Studio in San Jose while still live streaming with his fan base and developing his talent with feedback from the community that is closest to him. He often collaborates with other noted singers such as Lindee Link, and Seth Bishop thriving in the decidedly social community that making music has become. He is most excited to debut his new EP this summer and is currently working on new video content for his YouTube channel as well as releasing branded merchandise throughout 2017.

Zach Nelson – Skyline

Zach Nelson – Let’s Run Away

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