YERÛŠELEM stream new album at Decibel Magazine

YERÛŠELEM are now streaming the entirety of their new album The Sublime at Decibel Magazine. The group is the newest entity created by Vindsval and W.D. Feld (BLUT AUS NORD)

Stream the album here:

The Sublime will be released on February 8th 2019 via Debemur Morti Productions.

Pre-order here:


YERÛŠELEM is a new artistic entity created by BLUT AUS NORD mastermind Vindsval with long time partner W.D. Feld. An ambitious project born of the last echoes of the surrealist album Cosmosophy (the third chapter of the famous 777 trilogy released by BaN between 2011 and 2012) and borrowing a great deal of influences in order to create a congruent melding of Industrial metal, cold new wave, electronica and post-punk…  A musical experience without any limits.

Band Members

Vindsval: Guitars, Bass, Voices, Synths
W.D. Feld: Industrial Pulses, Synths

Yeruselem – Reverse

Yeruselem – Babel

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