Xyloc are a four-piece, female-fronted thrash-metal band from the midlands area of the UK.
We are: Lesley on vocals, John on guitar, Andy on drums and Max on bass.
Xyloc were born from the ashes of a previous band, ‘Dead Black and White’, that John, Andy and Max were involved with. A new direction was taken with female vocals and Lesley has been with the band for a year now.
Xyloc have five tracks mixed and mastered, which they are putting on BandCamp as an EP to help fund recording the remaining five for the first album.
In true clichéd fashion, Xyloc don’t take them-selves too seriously, but take what they do seriously.
The songs are rooted in old-school thrash with a groove that we hope lifts them from the crowd.
Xyloc can be found playing live round the midlands and are in the Corby / Rockingham heat of ‘Metal to the Masses’ on May 19th at ‘The Hut’.

Xyloc – Battle Hymn

Xyloc – The Awakening

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Band location – Banbury England

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