Feed The Wolf Inside is the new album by XUP released 23 August 2020

Available on limited edition vinyl, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. The physical and digital download copies both include a 15 page e-book with liner notes, lyrics and cover art.

 Feed The Wolf Inside is a primal creature that shape-shifts between predator and prey and dances between the chase and the kill. It creeps into birth, life, death and all the sick and twisted love songs that fill the deep, dark spaces in between.

 All songs written, arranged and produced by XUP.

Recorded at the start of the apocalypse at Cherry Vitriol Studios, Manchester.

Additional sound production by Him In That London.

Art, design and photography by XUP.

So firstly it’s pronounced zoop…
XUP is Lane on vox and other noises including: the mustang bass, telecaster gee-tar + the drums. Formerly of Nine Black Alps (erstwhile founder member) and bassist in legendary uber post-Sonic punks The Strap Ons, this journey has seen XUP move from Manchester to London and back to Manchester.
XUP is the kind of emotional, almost philosophical urban angst that drove punk rock to evolve and mature and capably manages to be quietly menacing. The urgent post-Siouxsie grit is mesmerizing. The ever so slightly honeyed vocals sit on this barbed wired bed like it’s the most natural of things. Sounds something like Joy Division making an art-house B movie starring Sonic Youth and Patti Smith…

Possessed of a predatory post punk prowl and gouged by a distractedly dead eyed sparsely detached noir stained schlock. It aches and howls with a deeply penetrating psychosis that at times makes Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ’the scream’ sound like a sunny walk in the park…



XUP – Bird of Prey

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