Xeresa is a musical project based in Brighton, UK fusing electronic beats, shoegaze sounds and guitar lines inspired by classical minimalist composers. Trying to fuse electronic skittering beats, odd time signatures, fuzzy basslines and guitar lines influenced by minimalism.

Some tracks may be be instrumental, some may have vocals, some may have guest vocalists.

Following the success of the first album which featured songs heavily played on radio stations such as Artefaktor Radio, Mod Snap Radio, DKFM etc… Xeresa is back with a second album.
The songs were recorded at various points throughout 2017-18 and feature many guests.
Nicolas Pierre Wardell performed guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards and programming with the help of some shoegaze guitars on track 4 by Tom Lugo , guitars on 1 by Roman Kalitkin, e-bow and keyboards on 5 by Nicolas Castello and zither on 8 by Alexander Leonard Donat.
The Xeresa sound mixes electronic, glitchy beats, guest vocalists, shoegaze guitars, clean guitars in an unusal F#Maj 7 open tuning giving the compositions a distinctive , open sound, fuzzy basslines and keyboard melodies. Most songs are in English but some are also in Spanish and German.
The concoction could be described as The Postal Service meets Steve Reich.


  1. Arcturon (Ft Roman Kalitkin)
  2. California Queen
  3. Killer (Ft Anastasia Panchenko_
  4. The Good Life (Ft Tom Lugo)
  5. Atlanta To Mumbai (Ft Nicolas Castello)
  6. Feels Like The First Time (Ft Mina Karimi)
  7. The Last Genesis (Ft Nicollette Vaughn)
  8. Fehlerfluss (Ft Vlimmer)
  9. And I Don’t Know About You Now (Ft Phil Wilson And Claire Janet Oneill)
  10. Far Beyond The World Of Sleep
  11. I’m Your Vessel (Ft Dani Mari)
  12. Newtonite (Ft Corasandel)
  13. Ocean (Ft Cat Hall)
  14. Xeresa’s Theme


Xeresa – Killer (ft Anastasia Panchenko)

Xeresa- Fall Into The Light (ft Demi Haynes)

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