Xeresa is the side-project of Nicolas Pierre Wardell. The idea is to combine the electronic popsongs of The Postal Service with the chiming guitars of American Football and the sonic scapes of shoegaze. 
The album was created during 2018/2019. Each instrumental track was sent to a guest for them to add their contributions to, the contributions were then sent back and mixed in with the original tracks.

– Ieva Aarghh from IEVA
– Tom Lugo from Patetico Recordings
– Annemarie Duff from Mmdelai and Miniatures
– Ren Julius from Bloom Waves
– Spaces of Disappearance
– Dari Maksymova from On The Wane
– Micky Pangburn from MRCH
– Eriko Hatori from plant cell
– Dorothea Tachler from My Favourite Things
– Julie D Bartlett from Guest Directors
– Elise Cooper from Soot Sprite
– Isabel Jones from Deconstructed Company
– Elisabeth Massena and Alex Ornon from Kill The Moose
– Dante Enocson from FRVR
– Shawn Michael from Daydream Cathedral
– Sean F. Schultz and Leah Kenninglark from Soñder

Mastered by RockaBilly Rhino

Xeresa – All The Love (Ft Leva)

Xeresa – Killer (ft Anastasia Panchenko)

Xeresa- Fall Into The Light (ft Demi Haynes)

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