‘Peste de la Mer’
(Progressive Doom Metal)

Release Date: 12/12/2022
FFO: Cathedral, early Candlemass, 70’s Black Sabbath.
Location: Greater Seattle Area

Short Bio: WytchCrypt is the progressive doom metal solo project of Dennis Montgomery. Formed in 2014, WytchCrypt seeks to combine the influences of traditional doom metal, 70’s progressive rock and the 12-tone theory of classical composer Arnold Schoenberg into something new, exploring the genre of progressive doom metal.

Dennis Montgomery began playing keyboards at age four and by 20 had played bass in

several local San Francisco Bay Area 70’s progressive rock bands. At that point he

left band life and began releasing albums under several solo projects. Those that remain active are Mutiny in Jonestown (progressive rock), Morpheus (synthesizer based electronic and classical) and The Alchemy of Atlantis (synthesizer & pedal steel guitar based experimental). Peste de la Mer marks his 90th album with many releases coming from his other solo projects.

WytchCrypt – The Frozen Tombs

WytchCrypt – Poseidon

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