WINGLESS is a band formed in early 2012 in Cracow (Poland). The band consists of experienced musicians associated with a number of other bands of the local metal scene. Charismatic and distinctive Olaf’s vocal parts, memorable guitar riffs set on the basis of the inherent groove are a showcase of the band. Expressive band’s image and aversion to imitating style of playing other bands. This is what Wingless is.

The band has already released debut album titled “Hatred is Purity” which was released 18th of July 2014. Logo of the band was created by Xaay (Nile, Behemoth). The cover art was painted by talented artist Katarzyna Urbanek.

In January 2016 WINGLES finished recording session of the second album “The Blaze Within”. Currently we are looking for a label. At the same time from the beginning of 2016 WINGLES became a trio and during the upcoming gigs bass player will be session musician. During the recording session of “The Blaze Within” all guitars and bass parts were recorded by Greg.

New album ‘Triada’ out now

Released September 21, 2018 

“Triada” was recorded from May to July 2018 at 67 Studio 
Mixed and Mastered by Dominik Burzym at 67Studio 
Produced by Grzegorz Luzar 

Music by Grzegorz Luzar, arranged by WINGLESS, lyrics by Olaf Różański 

Cover art by: Rafał Wechterowicz

WINGLESS – Tales of the Sleepless Nights

WINGLESS – Descend

WINGLESS – Great Shineless Brightness


Band location – Krakow Poland

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