William Wallace

William Wallace

William Wallace was established to tell epic fables through showmanship and musical ability. Their debut album “How Gods Are Made”, starts with a nameless hero returning home from war, only to find his family viciously murdered and his land razed to the ground. As he stands on the bow of his ship, staring across the drink, filled with rage and a hunger for revenge, he has no idea of the trials and tribulations he is about to confront. Follow our hero through an unrelenting sea storm, a brutal fight for revenge, and a battle with the Octobeast. In a time where Gods and ravenous monsters rule the earth, man is trifling.

Brandon Garrett – Vocals
The Brothers Soto – Guitars/Vocals
Aaron Wheeler – Bass
Josh Ruloph – Drums

William Wallace – Chapter IX: The Maleficium

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Band location – Modesto California

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