Wild Mercury

Wild Mercury

“Orange County” is the first song we ever recorded together.

We’ll never forget the electrified mood we were in afterwards. It’s a tremendous feeling to see a song you wrote come to life. After leaving the studio, we ended up in a nearby shady karaoke bar with our producer Endrick Tremblay, and our engineer Jean-Bruno Pinard. Despite our exhaustion, there was no way any of us could have slept.

 The lyrics that make up “Orange County” are a mix of field notes written during a vacation in Florida, and ideas that came as a consequence of turning 30-years-old – wanting simplicity, but realizing that you sowed intricacies all throughout your 20s. We composed the music by trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun is always shining.

 We wanted “Orange County” to be carried by  hopefulness and empowerment, even if it has doubts about what life may bring.

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“Dealer” is a sarcastic story that we play in a soulful manner.

The hypothetical romance between a woman and her drug dealer made for an interesting canvas to explore dependency – not just by pointing out its self-destructive tendency, but also with its creative and dramatic aspects.   

We enjoyed every part of the recording session that took place last spring with producer Endrick Tremblay All of the percussions, finger snapping, copper-pipes clanging, utensil drawer rattling, wailing guitars and sharp harmonies really emphasis the vibe of “Dealer.”

 “Dealer” portrays a woman with a fire within herself to find the greatest path.

Like her, we may be over thirty with serious life schedules and serious jobs, but sometimes we let loose in the sounds.

Wild Mercury gals originally wanted to start a folk group that focused on warm vocal harmonies. Surrounded by instruments in their dark jam basement, they caught the fever for rock, for rooted sounds and for an unfulfilled dream of riotous youth. Better late than never… Since last year, they are carrying their instruments through the sticky scenes of Montreal’s bars, discovering and unveiling a sound by which they express desires that are sometimes sarcastic, sometimes angry, sometimes euphoric, sometimes pop, sometimes rock, sometimes soul and sometimes folk.

Anne Lauzière – Vocals & guitar
Gabrièle Côté-LeBreux – Vocals & drums
Marie-Pier Lavallée – Vocals & bass

Wild Mercury – Orange County

Wild Mercury – Dealer

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