White Raven

White Raven

White Raven

White Raven is a group of seven components. It began as a project of Mark Domkan where invited David Barreda decided to record a few pieces for flute songs. The style of these was purely Celtic music. The day after being Mark began writing what would be the first song of White Raven and that would give the name later, but at that time on “Kraka” (theoretically Crow in any language). The project quickly began to grow other members looking to record different parts below (Samu), voice (Emerald), violin (Aura, who a year later would come as a violinist White Raven) … But because the work that David had stayed all in words and did not record anything. The time was past, and Mark and David were distanced, Mark continued with his other projects and other groups and David with the race. Malden was later time to play with Mark and after a few weeks of trying different styles Mark metal propose to continue with the project that had left David a year ago. The next Nando was entering as flutist, Juanmarc as a singer and his cousin Oriol like bear. Months later Mark was found by Miki Leyenda (pretty pub frequented by them) and then invite him to a few beers Miki came as a battery. A few days later came the Aura as a violinist. But due to internal reasons and Nando went Joanmarc leaving two Bacan, which covered the David Flute and after much searching, Rocher. While the group would take final shape and current, Mark, in collaboration with other members, would compose the songs of the debut demo “In the Forest”. Currently the group has made music much pagan Celtic and a good base of melodic death metal.
In 2017 is released “In the Forest”, the debut full length album.

Roché (Vocals)
Miki (Drums)
Ori (Bass)
Mark (Rythm guitar & Didgeridoo)
Maldo (Lead Guitar )
David (Whistles)
Patri Myd (Violin)

White Raven – A Feast in the Woods

White Raven – Life

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